TICS Leadership

Frank Lozzi


Frank Lozzi has been a volunteer with Camp Twitch and Shout since 2013. He has served as a counselor before joining the Board as their Treasurer in 2018. He now takes over as the Board President in 2023. Frank was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome as a child and has dedicated a majority of his adult life to making life better for those living with Tourette Syndrome. Over his time with Camp Twitch and Shout, he has volunteered his time as a counselor for the oldest boys at camp, worked on the leadership team to oversee counselors at camp, and has also held personal fundraisers to bring in funds for the organization. Frank is currently working as a Tax Manager in Charlotte and loves to spend quality time with his wife as well as playing hockey and soccer. 

Dr. Sherry Adesina

Vice President

Dr. Sherry Adesina joined the board of TICS in May 2018. She attended Camp Twitch & Shout that same year, getting to meet several amazing kids. In her career, Sherry studied neurologic disorders, as well as a wide range of other clinical conditions. In her spare time, Sherry is a burgeoning hiker… inexperienced, but enthusiastic. She also likes singing off-key and believes she would have been an excellent video DJ if MTV still played music. 

Kiera Acitelli


Technology Manager

Kiera Acitelli is joining the board as secretary in November 2023. Kiera has been volunteering with Camp Twitch & Shout since 2017 and became passionate about it after growing up with Tourette Syndrome and experiencing the inclusivity of camp. In her career, Kiera is a software developer for a shipping company and has also been managing the CTAS website (this nice website you are reading right now!) since 2019. She lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is pursuing a masters degree studying rehabilitative and assistive technology. In her free time, she enjoys art, gaming, and going for long walks and runs with her dog. 

Barry Rabinowitz headshot

Barry Rabinowitz


Barry Rabinowitz is from Atlanta, Georgia, where he was born and raised, and where he and his wife raised their children, as well. Barry started his career as a CPA, and then worked in various financial roles for nearly 30 years with AT&T. His commitment to helping kids with TS comes from one of his children having Tourette’s since the age of 2 and seeing the struggles he faced and overcame. An avid biker and outdoorsman, he also understands the importance Camp Twitch and Shout as a place for kids to enjoy the great outdoors. 

Board Members

Hailey Burden headshot

Hailey Burden

Hailey Sasine Burden was one of the founding directors of Camp Twitch & Shout in 2008. She served as Camp Director from 2008 to March 2013. She is excited to be back involved with the organization that was such a big part of her life. Hailey resides in Woodstock, Georgia with her husband, Matt, and their two children, Zander and Kaya. She is currently a special education teacher in Cherokee County for kids with low-functioning Autism. In 2019, Hailey wrote her first book called ABC’s of Tourette Syndrome. Hailey has her passion for camp because she was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome at age 11 and wanted to give other children the opportunity to meet others like themselves and see that they can do anything they put their minds to. In her free time, Hailey enjoys traveling with her husband and watching UGA football. 

Dr. Yvonne Ogbonwman headshot.

Dr. Yvonne Ogbonwman

Dr. Yvonne Ogbonmwan joined the TICS board in August 2020. In her career she has published research on neuropsychiatric disorders. Currently, she designs and sets up large global clinical trials to develop innovative medical treatments. Prior to joining TICS she volunteered with several local non-profit organizations: she’s worked with a non-profit consulting group that provides free strategic management solutions for charitable organizations based in Atlanta, she has raised funds for a health organization that serves clients living with HIV/AIDS, she’s worked with organizations that provide recreational events for families with children with disabilities, and most recently she participated in fundraisers that raised money for lymphoma and leukemia. When not volunteering, Yvonne enjoys going to concerts, 5Ks and brunch (although not necessarily in that order). 

Katrina Bergeon headshot. Katrina is holding the top of a white picket fence with a field of sunflowers in the background.

Katrina Bergeon

Katrina joined the board toward the end of 2022. She first became involved with Camp Twitch & Shout in 2013 as a camper. Since then, Katrina has been involved in a variety of roles, including counselor, unit leader, and leadership team. As someone with Tourette’s, Katrina is so excited to be a part of this warm and welcoming community. When she is not at camp, Katrina is a law student, pursuing a career in public defense. In her free time, Katrina loves to travel to new cities and spend time with her dog and cat. 

Dr. Eric Herman headshot. He is wearing a tie with medical symbols on it.

Dr. Eric Herman

Dr. Eric Herman joined the TICS board in September, 2022. He is the proud parent of an adolescent son with Tourette syndrome that unequivocally adores Camp Twitch and Shout. From 2016 – 2018, he served as the TAA support group leader for all families in Washington state. He is currently the Chief Primary Care & Population Health Officer at Oregon Health & Sciences University, maintains an active practice, and recently started the first program for patients with Long COVID in Oregon. Prior to his career in medicine, he served as a former Peace Corps Volunteer and worked as an electrical engineer. In his spare time, he enjoys playing music, gazing at the stars as an amateur astronomer, supporting his favorite sports teams, and most importantly, spending time with his family. 

Sara Lozzi headshot

Sarah Lozzi

Sarah has been involved with camp for almost a decade. Starting as a counselor in 2013, she went to serve on the camp leadership team and founded our annual #Swear2Change fundraiser before joining the board in 2019 and serving as interim executive director during the pandemic. She is constantly inspired by the resiliency and compassion of our community. 

Joseph Hart

Joseph Hart joined the TICs board of directors in January 2024. Joseph was a summer staff member at Camp Twin Lakes (Camp Twitch & Shout partner) from 2015-2019. In that time, he was responsible for the oversight of the leaders-in-training (LIT) programming and outdoor adventure staff. He is currently a board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA) at Hopebridge Autism Therapy Centers and Achievements ABA. Joseph has numerous experiences working with groups exploring group dynamics through leadership, cohesion, and teamwork activities. He is an avid ally of camp and recognizes the sense of community and growth that it creates.