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CTAS 2024: June 29-July 5

Check back in January - February for CTAS 2025 information!

Want to Volunteer?

Camp Twitch & Shout employs a variety of volunteers to impact the lives of our campers. From counselors to medical staff, we are looking for people who have a passion to work with children and make them feel empowered. Energy, enthusiasm, patience, adaptability, and compassion are just a few of the qualities that we look for in our fun and energetic staff.

Volunteers must:

While adults from all different fields and expertise are accepted, students and professionals with experience or a focus on education, special education, psychology, nursing, medicine, occupational therapy, health related fields, social work, advocacy, behavior management, recreation therapy, music therapy, art therapy, a service industry, or counseling are encouraged to apply.

If you have an interest in joining our team we want to hear from you! Review the job role descriptions below for your chance to experience camp and change the life of child with Tourette’s Syndrome, as well as your own.

Watch our Camp Welcome Webinar to learn more, or contact campinfo@camptwitchandshout.org with any questions.

5 Core Principles of Camp Twitch & Shout


Instilling the process of adapting well in the face of adversity in order to “bounce back” from difficult experiences. 


An environment that gives our children the courage to believe in themselves in order to improve self-esteem and self-confidence through discovering their strengths and adopting strategies to face challenges in their lives. 


Developing friends that are kind, and that act as a positive influence in their lives. 


Discovering and embracing the unique qualities and gifts that distinguish each individual from others. 


Mindfulness is achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feeling, thoughts, and bodily sensations 



Camp Counselor: Camp Twitch and Shout Counselors are the primary caregivers for our Campers. They are responsible for the Campers’ health and safety, communication with their Leadership and Support Teams, as well as inspiring personal growth through the 5 core principles of Camp Twitch and Shout.

Reports to: Cabin Leader

Essential Job Functions

Cabin Leader

Cabin Leader: To oversee and guide the Counselors in their cabin to ensure the health and safety of everyone, promote the 5 core principles of Camp Twitch and Shout, and provide an engaging and supportive environment for the Campers in their care.

Reports to: Leadership

Prerequisites: 1 years of volunteer work with Camp Twitch and Shout

Essential Job Functions


Leadership Team: The Camp Twitch and Shout Leadership Team’s responsibility is to oversee development and training of all volunteers. This training will help prepare and empower our volunteers to accomplish the organization’s mission, incorporate the 5 Core Principles of Camp Twitch and Shout, and their responsibilities as outlined in their job descriptions. The Leadership Team will also oversee all volunteers and their responsibilities during the week of Camp Twitch and Shout and serve as a support role to the Camp Director(s).

Reports to: Camp Director(s)

Prerequisites: 3 years of volunteer work with Camp Twitch and Shout

Essential Job Functions


Medical Team: The Camp Twitch and Shout Medical Team implements strategies of medical support aimed at improving and enhancing the campers’ experience during the week of camp by giving direct medical care as needed. Medical support includes direct medical care, medication management and dispensing of all medications, upkeeping of documentation in medical records for all campers and volunteers.

Reports to: Medical Director and Camp Director(s)

Prerequisites: Physicians, Physician Assistants, RN, LPN, EMT- All Levels

Essential Job Functions